Dansk Tang deliver fresh and dried seaweed to some of the best restaurants in the world. Watch some of the restaurants at our Instagram profile @dansktang_danishseaweed.

Danish Seaweed (Dansk Tang) is a food manufacturer who makes delicious and high quality products with seaweed, products like pesto, salt and mustard etc. The main idea with Dansk Tang is to make products with Danish seaweed and Danish ingredients, in this way we can ensure the high quality. The famous chef Claus Henriksen develops all recipes, and that is our way to ensure the taste is in a league of its own.

All the seaweed is hand-harvested, with divers, and in this way, we only collect the best algae, that’s a way to ensure even more quality, but it is also a very sustainable way to harvest.

Annebergparken 28 B
DK-4500 Nykøbing Sj.
Phone +45 40 42 53 98

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Mellisa’s products are developed and produced with a loving hand and the spirited Margit Mellisa Klinder and Louise Mellisa Klinder. The products are produced locally in Hørsholm, where we create active and organic products, free of hormone disrupting chemicals.

We select active raw material with documented effect, and use seaweed extracts as active ingredients in many of our products.

Our packing is in partially recycled material.

Hørsholm Kongevej 21
2970 Hørsholm
Phone +45 45 86 74 99

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Pure Algae Denmark was founded in 2018 on a vision to make an innovative production of palatable blue biomass as sustainable food source for the Danish culinary scene. A food source that we need now more than ever… A growing population requires more food, and more food requires more farming, but the worlds resources are running out. Blue biomass is the future and seaweed is the opportunity.

Pure Algae Denmark grows seaweed on land – ensuring a controlled cultivation of fresh high-end seaweed all year around. Initially we offer sea lettuce and sea bacon (dulse) of its finest quality for restaurants and later we will sustainably increase our production to address larger demands.

Havnecentervej 1
8500 Grenå
Phone +45 20 100 107

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Falconi Mare ApS exports Danish and Greenlandic top quality seaweed to the European markets and offer popular workshops on how to use seaweed in the everyday or professional kitchen.

It’s a firm with a strong international orientation that also offer a wide range of consulting services for the seafood and environment sectors.

Falconi Mare ApS
Langes Gård 26A, 1.
DK-4200 Slagelse
Phone +45 27 41 41 51

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Jimmy Hansen
Lårupvej 4
DK-4295 Stenlille
Phone +45 29 85 80 97


Poul Erik Nielsen
Lomvievej 16
DK-8541 Skødstrup
Phone +45 2174 6838 or +45 8698 0868

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Dried seaweed and seaweed specialities – from the cleanest sea in Denmark. It is a fantastic, healthy and tasty food and thrives in the clean and salty water. We are harvesting near the coast gently and sustainably from the beach and local fishermen are harvesting in deeper waters as bi-catch. The seaweed is dried and used in lovely products and specialities as superfood.

Furthermore Læsø Tang offers guided seaweed trips, workshops and sales from the Farmshop and webshop.

Tofteladen I/S
Doktorvejen 16
DK-9940 Læsø

Phone +45 20 23 49 11 or +45 29 25 09 19

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Nordisk Tang was established in early 2015. Our dedicated aim has ever since been to explore and exploit the fantastic benefits of seaweed. Not only from a consumption perspective, but also from a environmentally sustainable perspective. As food is becoming a scarce resource we need to think alternatively and in a country with approximately 8.750 km of coast line, using seaweed is highly relevant. We are proud to be part of a small group of entrepreneurial companies who tries to get Nordic seaweed back on the dining tables.

Nordisk Tang
Åstrupvej 35
DK-8500 Grenaa

Phone +45 33 60 36 03

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Omø Tang provide dried hand-harvested Fucus seaweed from the isle of Omø and wild sugar kelp (Saccharina latissima) from the Great Belt. Our tasty sugar kelp is obtained in a sustainable way by local fishermen as by-catch after storms. Our seaweed is always dried at low temperatures in order to obtain the highest nutritional value and superior taste.

Omø Tang F.M.B.A
Omø Havnevej 105B
DK-4345 Omø

Phone +45 71 79 42 45

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We are an entrepreneurial company, with one leg in the sea and the other on land.

We grow, harvest and convert seaweed into ecological, high value end products as
well as food, dietary, supplements, cosmetics and spa-products.

Organic Seaweed – Ebeltoft Vig ApS c/o: Mols Organic ApS
Vrinners Bygade 45
DK-8420 Knebel

Phone +45 27 84 40 10

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Trine S. Jensen
Villestofteghegnet 206
DK-5210 Odense

Phone +45 28 90 63 02


Ever tried eating under water?
Ever been tempted by a big bundle
of seaweed? Have I?
Of course I have!

I´m born by the sea and I’m obsessed with our clean
nordic seawater. I love all the good food my seawater
plants offers. They’re Tasty, they’re different, they’re
full of good stuff.

If you don’t like the idea of getting wet feet, don’t
worry. I’ve picked the seaweed for you.
I’ve processed it, cooked it carefully, turning
it into crispy and tasty seaweed chips.

My fishermen friends have even caught
lobsters and squids. Adding some extra
flavour to my chips. True seafood wonders.
I’m a seaman!
I know what I´m talking about.

Seaman Seaweed Chips
Søndre Kaj Gade 27
8500 Grenaa

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Hansen og Lindstrøm Tang ApS is a company located in Juelsminde and is engaged in drying processes of marine biomass from macroalgae.

Hansen og Lindstrøm Tang Aps
Klejsgårdvej 26
Dk-7130 Juelsminde

Phone: +45 22 96 55 08/21 61 68 35


Ulrik Lybert started the company in 2012. With great passion and dedication he has created the foundation of the only seaweed company in Greenland. The seaweed is harvested in the artic waters off the West coast of Greenland – North of the Polar circle. These waters are known for being among the purest in World! Maki Seaweed Greenland produce high quality dried and frozen Arctic seaweed.

Maki Seaweed Greenland
Ulrik Maki Lyberth
Muunup Aqq.,
3911 Sisimiut, Grønland

Phone +299 53 15 10

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Ocean Rainforest Sp/F is a company located in the Faroe Islands engaged in the production of marine biomass from macroalgae in open ocean cultivation installations. The mission of Ocean Rainforest is to provide a stable source of marine biomass for food, feed, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical  and energy products.

Ocean Rainforest Sp/F
Mjólkargøta 20
FO – 180 Kaldbak
Faroe Islands


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