Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark sets the rules regarding the seaweed products in Denmark and this includes food safety, responsibility etc., and it is the same ministry that register the company and inspects that the companies complies with the rules, and advice and guide the companies/consumers. The company should 1) register at the ministry, and remember possible other approvals by other authorities regarding off shore facilities etc. (see other paragraph), and possibly the Nature Agency (Natura 2000 areas) under the Ministry of Environment and Food. The company need to 2) perform a risk evaluation with regards to activities to evaluate the water area where the seaweed are being harvested from the natural populations or cultivated, evaluate the species and composition, and how to handle the seaweed, and 3) the company has the responsibility to comply with the relevant rules. There is no demand for routinely sampling and analyses with regard to use seaweed for food, but the food products (or as supplements) should comply with the following rules.

The rules includes hygiene, chemical contamination, novel food, labelling, claims, organic, materials that comes in contact with the foods.

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