About Danish Seaweed Organisation

About Danish Seaweed Organisation | Mission & Vision


Danish Seaweed Organization (DSO) is a joint sales company established in 2017 with financial support from Karl Petersen and Hustrus Fond.

The members of DSO are small companies in the Danish Seaweed industry. DSO develops and maintains a web portal presenting the member companies, a broad range of products, links to a lot of relevant information and resources and information about legislation, quality and certification. DSO also coordinates initiatives like participation in national and international tradeshows and exhibitions.



The mission for Danish Seaweed Organization (DSO) is to create a better marketing and sales opportunity for the small Danish Seaweed companies and stimulate them to more cooperation on development, production and sales with a particular focus on marketing towards customers on the international market.


Our vision is to create a broader knowledge about the Danish Seaweed Industry and that the small Danish companies grow their business based on quality, sustainability, innovation, cooperation and transparency.